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Beyond the Dolomites


Dolomiti Trip offers endless travel possibilities and for every kind of activity.

From Sardinia to Sicily and why not, even abroad.

The world is a wonderful place and there are endless opportunities to enjoy nature outdoors. Whether you are an adventurer looking for strong emotions or a nature lover looking for relaxation, we offer outdoor trips for all tastes.

The Selvaggio Blu is one of the most challenging and fascinating treks in Italy. It takes place along the eastern coast of Sardinia, between the cliffs of Supramonte and the crystal clear sea. The route is approximately 50 kilometers and can be completed in 5/6 days.

Trekking is very varied and includes sections of impervious path, rock traverses, climbing and abseiling. The landscape is breathtaking, with the cliffs overlooking the sea and the white, pristine beaches.

The Selvaggio Blu is a challenging trek, but it is also a unique and unforgettable experience. Anyone who loves nature and adventure cannot miss this trek.

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